Your $5,000 Zooms to $37,500

The Military Construction Boom
Gets a $77.3 Billion Boost
and Your $5,000 Zooms to $37,500

IVDC stock is +37% overnight, told you so! Grab some more before it’s a buck!

Dear Profit Seeker,

Infrastructure Developments Corp is an engineering and construction services company that looks to pop 450% to 500% virtually overnight…

… then you could see a hefty second surge when word gets out.

Military construction is booming!

• $77.3 billion for military construction – just approved by the House

• That’s on top of the $5.9 billion military construction got from the 2009 stimulus bill

• Congressman Chet Edwards (D-Texas) says this is the biggest military construction boom in 62 years!

• And IDVC is the engineering company that’s perfectly positioned to reward investors like us with 450% gains over the next few months.

Best Regards,

Stock Affictionado Team

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