RXAC.OB – A Solid Labor Day Weekend Bonus

A Solid Labor Day Weekend Bonus RXAC.OB

I am going to tell you about an exciting pick for next week – a company that definitely hasn’t been lying on its laurels in the past months, but has instead worked laboriously to elevate themselves to become a true factor within their business. After watching these guys for some time, I am becoming increasingly sure that they have something big news for all of us in the weeks to come. I am of course talking about Resource Exchange of America Corporation (RXAC.OB), a Florida-based recycling powerhouse aiming for the stars.

More than anyone in the business, they have been reaping the benefits of a business that has otherwise been on its heels during the past recession. They have risen from the pack of struggling, local scrap metal recyclers to become an international force to be reckoned with. Resource Exchange of America Corporation (RXAC.OB) has been working at making as many joint ventures and acquisitions as possible during the bottom of the cycle, and their strategy of making a vertical integration in the recycling business is now going to pay off big-time!
The price for scrap metal has gone from an all-time low about a year ago, where Resource Exchange of America Corporation (RXAC.OB) started getting their hands on as much as they could, to a level about twice as high today. And in the meantime, they have formed vital joint ventures to help them sell and ship the scrap metal to the Asian markets still screaming for steel.

So while the rest of the hard-working folks here in the US have enjoyed a relaxed labor-day weekend, these hardy men of steel have worked their hardest to ship off yet another freighter with tons and tons of valuable steel, filling their coffers with more Dollars for their expansion plans.

I adamantly believe these guys when they say they will go from $10 million revenues to $120 million in less than five years. Who would dare stand in their way?

I am convinced they will continue to hit the market with hard news about new joint ventures and acquisitions that fit their plans of growth.

So now is the time to grab a solid fistful of shares in Resource Exchange of America Corporation (RXAC.OB) while it is still within reach!

Debt Conversion = The Best Due Diligence You Could Ask For


Just before labor-day weekend, the innovative, international advertising agency, Bark Group (BKPG.OB), announced that they would slash their debt by more than one million dollars and convert it to stock in order to strengthen their balance sheet.

In this day and age, that is both foresighted, but also rather amazing.

From your own life, you probably know exactly how unwilling banks are to do anything constructive about your own mortgage or car loan at this point in time? Well, the Bark Group (BKPG.OB) management has managed to convince their lenders to accept shares instead of hard cash for short-term debt of more than one million Dollars.

Simply put, that means Bark Group’s lenders believe the shares in BKPG.OB are going to be worth significantly more than just one million Dollars. Just like we have been saying for quite some time now, the lenders are also convinced that Bark Group (BKPG.OB) is quite the mother lode of gold, and they are prepared to reap the benefits of sitting on a chunk of shares, rather than “just” some money. And they would only do that if they were dead sure that the BKPG.OB share is going to climb back up the charts again, and climb high!

I believe in order to be willing to convert loans worth more than one million Dollars in hard cash, you have to have quite an insight in the company – an insight which beyond any doubt can convince you that the companies in Bark Group are going to make it BIG.

As a fellow investor, you can actually bet on this: The lenders have scrutinized the financials, the client lists and the expansion plans of Bark Group (BKPG.OB), and turned every little stone in order to arrive at the conclusion that a straight debt-to-equity conversion would benefit them in a big way. And you as an investor can bet on using their due diligence and financial scrutiny to make your own investment worth significant sums as well.

Knowing lenders, this kind of debt conversion would simply not be happening if they weren’t 99.9% sure that they would come out far richer than they would have otherwise.

So grab your own chunk of shares in Bark Group (BKPG.OB), and follow it up through the charts and to riches!

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