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Thursday 21 April This week is the earnings reporting week for 420 listed companies in the US.

Crypto Currency Trading

We have the US Fed meeting on 4th May, so I am anticipating that the FUD will start mid next week as the market anticipates what the outcome of the Fed’s meeting will be and how that will impact the economy. Therefore I expect the pullback to start sometime next week, so hopefully we still have 2 strong days of performance before we head into the weekend.

Best new altcoins to consider for 2022

Altcoins SKY-is-the-LIMIT

Cryptocurrency markets are highly volatile and your investments are at risk.

How To Trade Crypto Ultimate Guide To Trading Bitcoin, Ethereum & Altcoins

Bitcoin Cheat Sheet

BY JAMES · 26/01/2022 This ultimate “How To Trade Crypto” guide is provided for educational purposes. I am not a financial advisor, not financial advice. The vast majority of active trading in crypto markets is done on centralized exchanges such as Binance and FTX. The high volumes on perpetual futures on both exchanges has proven the demand for leveraged trading of futures markets. There is an updated comparison of the two market leading exchanges here:Binance vs FTX | Which Crypto Exchange Is Right For You Understanding Leverage And Why You Shouldn’t Use It (To Start With)Read More

Crypto Currency Considerations 2021 OCT.

CryptoHam Crypto Currency Trading

A quick note, I was asked today “Can anyone join
CryptoHam “, and just for the record, we welcome anyone to join CryptoHam as we want as much expertise as possible to make our page both interesting and factual, sharing your expertise in the market is how we all learn. If you have an interest in radio as well, thats definitely a bonus as a lot of fellow investors are mad keen radio operators but definitely invite your friends who enjoy crypto, all welcome with open arms

How To Day Trade Online Like The Experts


Knowledge is the Key That Will Unlock Your Finances What is it that all experts have that we don’t have? Are they that much smarter than the rest of us? Where they born experts? I know this is getting a bit silly, but I wanted to prove a point about the difference between intelligence and knowledge. There’s no big puzzle, to become an expert at anything, you just first have to have knowledge of that subject. For instance, is it really day trading information that you are seeking? What IRead More

Intraday Trading… Guts and Timing In The Market

Day Traders Conduct Intraday Trading Intraday is really a made up word by those so-called experts who lump all online traders into the bag of day trading. For the sophisticated observer it is plain to see the obvious differences. A day trader rides the rush of the asset, while a swing trader diagnosis the trends and holds onto it as long as the momentum last. When I think of the term intraday, I picture someone who is closing their trades literally seconds after they have opened them. The SEC hasRead More

STOCK SERVICES REVIEW. New Rules of Investing P5

Mistake #3 Exiting Early Some of the best parties you missed are ones you left early; some of the best concerts you never heard, because while the third encore played, you were beating the crowd out of the parking lot. And some of the quickest 50% profits you’ll miss are because you got out a week early. Have you ever heard the old adage “you never go broke taking a profit”? Complete and utter hogwash. Be patient… that last 50% will be a sweet reward. Mistake #4 Staying on theRead More

STOCK SERVICES REVIEW. New Rules of Investing P4

Show Me the Money In the meantime, we’ll ride rolling waves of liquidity and hope in certain sectors, and exit just after they crest. Once again, investors who try to buy and hold through it all will suffer. My advisory service, Trader’s Advantage, is designed specifically for markets like this. There are a few areas I’m paying close attention to right now for our next round of profits. Cyclicals. I expect to see a rotational market environment for some time. That means we want to look at beaten-down cyclicals, suchRead More

STOCK SERVICES REVIEW. New Rules of Investing P3

5. The stock market isn’t the most important game in town anymore. As we just saw firsthand, the credit market has the power to unravel the stock market, cripple the economy and take down major American icons (like Lehman Brothers and AIG). The credit market is now FIVE times larger than the stock market today. • Gilead: +111% in 13 days • Teekay Shipping: +40% in 2 days • Regions Financial: +59% in 4 days • InterContinental Exchange: +77% in 18 days • eBay: +87% in 2 days • Apple:Read More