How To Day Trade Online Like The Experts


Knowledge is the Key That Will Unlock Your Finances

What is it that all experts have that we don’t have?

Are they that much smarter than the rest of us? Where they born experts?

I know this is getting a bit silly, but I wanted to prove a point about the difference between intelligence and knowledge. There’s no big puzzle, to become an expert at anything, you just first have to have knowledge of that subject. For instance, is it really day trading information that you are seeking? What I mean by that is, perhaps it is really swing trading that you are interested in. Many so-called experts lump all online traders into the bag of day trading. For the sophisticated observer it is plain to see the obvious differences. A day trader rides the rush of the asset, while a swing trader diagnosis the trends and holds onto it as long as the momentum last. There, perhaps you have gained some knowledge you didn’t have when you first started your research. Assuming you agree with me, I will in the next few minutes’ attempt to explain the pros and cons of each strategy, and hopefully leave you with some semblance of the expert’s knowledge.

I don’t know if the term “day trading” ever existed before we had access to the internet. If it did, I some how would picture a broker becoming a bit frazzled, trying to keep up with this mad client who is buying and selling at the speed of light. Because this, is the life of the day trader. They do not care about fundamentals or even for that matter what the company does. They are riding the trend, up or down it doesn’t matter, as long as the asset is behaving the way they have projected it would. Day traders don’t care what markets they are in, be it stocks, options, currencies, or futures, they get in and out with a fast profit. A transaction may last a few minutes, an hour or so, but never more than that day.

Of course, day trading for a living does carry some fairly large
monetary risks, so you must know exactly what you are doing from the time the markets open to when they close. This is the itinerary of a day trader. If you can’t commit or don’t have the time to pursue this strategy properly, I suggest you look into swing trading. These types of trades are ones that last longer than a day and can run a course of up to a few weeks, as an average. Swing trading can be a part time effort. Make no mistake however, in both strategies as with anything connected with investments, you had better be knowledgeable. Always have an exit plan or stop loss in place and it is essential that you have an excellent technical charting platform.

If we are in agreement on these points than you will be able to comprehend the following suggestions I strongly feel is necessary for any software to be useful.

1. It must be able to offer live streaming technical data. (Otherwise the program is merely educational)
2. The platform should defiantly include candlestick charting.
3. Visually it has to be large enough for all the data to be seen easily. (Many of the online brokerage’s technical data is too small to be useful)
4. It must be cost effective. (Most good systems can be purchased for between one and two hundred dollars)

If you can acquire software that gives you even the slightest edge in your favor, it is well worth the Investment. I don’t profess to being an expert, but I do know of some. I obviously don’t have the time to go into all the details now, but at my site Market Mentalist you will find all you need to know about investing online. There is access to some of the top trading systems available including software, books, newsletters, and Forums. Whether you are an inquisitive novice or a seasoned pro Market Mentalist offers the online investment resource you just might be seeking.

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