RXA? focus on China means Piles of Gold

RXA? focus on China means Piles of Gold

Dear fellow investor,

Resource Exchange of America Corporation (RXA?) continues to be on my BUY list as there is still a huge, unmet potential in their stock – there is a lot of profit to be made for the clever investor while the stock in RXA? climb towards its target price of $3.20.

Just last week, RXA? announced a Joint Venture with LT Trading – a JV, which shows RXA? will increase its focus on the Chinese market. That bodes well for the investors in RXA?, as the Chinese market is the ‘locomotive of steel’ at the moment. In China – and India, for that matter – steel is in high demand and can command high prices – as high as $475 per MT. That is significantly higher than in the US.

RXA? can procure its steel at significantly lower rates in the US, transport the steel at reasonable rates through its joint venture partner Sea Lion and sell it through the new contacts that Louisa Tsang of LT Trading Group are going to set up within the next couple of months. LT Trading Group has a long history of setting up successful partnerships between companies in the US and in China. RXA? having direct access to the Chinese steel market is a new and very big revenue stream for RXA?. And you know how new revenue streams are an investor’s best friend…

RXA? have worked together with LT Trading before, so they already know there’s a match – this time, however, their working relationship is formalized and can bring significantly better returns for RXA?.

It’s a good time to be in the recycling business, as governments push for environmentally friendly technologies and sustainable industrial alternatives. This demand means RXA? should experience strong growth for the foreseeable future.

RXA?’s strategy of vertical integration, their new JV with LT Trading, and their increased focus on China and the Far East tells me that their true potential will soon be realized. A potential that will skyrocket their stock into the stratosphere.

The fair market value of RXA? will be $3.20 per share – almost SIX times its presently traded value!

In short – invest $1,000 today, and see that grow to $6,000!

Invest $3,000 today, and see your port grow to $18,000!

Or invest $10,000 today, and see your fortune EXPLODE to $60,000!

Do your due diligence and get ready to follow this stock through the stratosphere!

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