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BUY Infrastructure Developments Corp (IDVC)

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There’s a multi-billion-dollar boom in military construction going on and it remains a secret, which is why you’ve never even heard of Infrastructure Developments Corp.

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Understand a “small” project in the military construction sector is still huge. The work IDVC has already done for the military include:

Building barracks and training facilities,
Renovating medical and dining facilities,
Installing new electrical distribution systems,
Constructing and new water storage facilities,
Building new access roads and heliports
Installing and testing bullet-proof and anti-ricochet materials and system
Most military construction jobs are under $10 million

And small-job money is spent fast. In fact, out of its 2011 budget, the DOD plans to spend money as quickly as possible in the following areas:

$4.2 billion to improve, repair, and modernize DOD facilities, including energy-related improvements
$1.3 billion for military hospital construction
$240 million in military construction for child development centers
$100 million in military construction for warrior transition complexes
$535 million for other military construction projects, including housing for troops and their families, energy conservation, and National Guard facilities

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Depressing housing reports, unemployment data, devastating oil spoils… forget all that. Military construction is a world of is own.

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