SEO Services Typically Include:

SEO Services Typically Include: 1. Web Analysis and Competitor Analysis 2. Keyword Rankings in SERP 3. Keyword research and Keyword Analysis to categorize the keywords suited to your growing business 4. Keyword targeted on proper landing page 5. Time scale estimation 6. Essential and Elementary Home Page Changes 7. On Page Changes in Landing Pages 8. Landing Page Additions leading into product/service areas. 9. Expansion of content throughout the website 10. Optimisation of meta and description tags throughout the site 11. Optimisation of ALT and TITLE Attributes 12. Optimisation of page titles tags 13. Optimisation of other HTML attributes that influence rankings (H1-H6) 14. Development of XML and HTML sitemaps 15. Internal Navigation Optimisation 16. Robots.txt, .htacess Management 17. Monthly updates of content within your site to focus on revised keywords. 18. Article Writing and Marketing 19. Link exchange with relevant websites within your industry (only used if the website is highly regarded in the clients industry) 20. Directory submission 21. Business Listing 22. Social Media Optimisation 23. Social Networking

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