Nuvilex, Inc.’s (NVLX) Expects to Continue Success of Cell-in-a-Box

Nuvilex, Inc.’s (NVLX) Expects to Continue Success of Cell-in-a-Box Technology with Marijuana-Based Treatments If Nuvilex, Inc. (OTCQB: NVLX) can use the Cell-in-a-Box™ technology to develop marijuana-based treatments for cancer with the same success it has seen in two independent clinical trials to develop a treatment for advanced inoperable pancreatic cancer, then the Cannabis industry is in for some real fireworks. Last week Nuvilex announced it will, in fact, use the unique and proprietary cellulose-based live-cell encapsulation technology, Cell-in-a-Box, to develop treatments for serious and deadly forms of cancer. In the announcement, the company stated the revolutionary treatments will deliver cancer-fighting agents based on constituents of Cannabis known as cannabinoids. Since the company acquired the exclusive worldwide rights to use the technology to develop treatments for all types of cancer, Nuvilex’s work with marijuana will include developing treatments for some of the deadliest and most difficult-to-treat forms of cancer, such as gliomas and pancreatic cancer. With late-phase clinical trials in advanced inoperable pancreatic cancer in Nuvilex’s future, the company will likely learn a great deal from those trials which will use Cell-in-a-Box combined with the anti-cancer prodrug ifosfamide that it can then apply to its work with cannabinoids. Nuvilex stated that the type of cells encapsulated using Cell-in-a-Box to develop marijuana-based treatments will be those that optimize the effectiveness and safety of naturally-occurring cannabinoids against deadly cancers in the same way the technology was used in developing a unique treatment for pancreatic cancer. Dr. Mark Rabe, is the Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board for Nuvilex’s Cannabis subsidiary, Medical Marijuana Sciences, and he believes that the company is in a unique position to develop cannabinoid-based treatments for cancer that will set it far apart from others in the medical marijuana arena. For those following the Nuvilex story, you’re well aware that Cell-in-a-Box has proven it can compete with the likes of Eli Lilly and Celgene in early pancreatic cancer results, so if its past is a prelude to its future, cancer patients could be in very good hands.

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