Mastering Your Mind For Stock Market Profit

Mastering Your Mind For Stock Market Profit
by: Daniel Kertcher

The stock market is made up solely of buyers and sellers. These buyers and sellers may be super-huge, billion dollar institutions trading enormous amounts of money everyday or private individuals trading just one or two parcels of shares each year. Regardless, at its core, the market is made up 100% of people. People with emotions just like you and me.

You’ve no doubt heard the phrase, “History repeats itself”. Well, despite all of our technological achievements, we have still not mastered our emotions. History in the stock market always repeats itself because the markets are driven by two of the strongest human emotions, FEAR and GREED.

Markets boom and bust with cyclical regularity because of human nature. We are creatures of habit. For those who can accept this and learn to control their emotions, the rewards are outstanding. By recognising emotion in the markets, we can time our entry and exit strategies and profit from history repeating itself time and time again.

Investors like Warren Buffet recognise that investing is 80% psychological and only 20% mechanical. It doesn’t matter how good your system or strategy is. Unless you are mentally focused and as emotionless as possible, you will fail. This is much easier said than done, of course. Why? Because we spend our entire lives developing our psychological feelings towards money. These feelings are often referred to as Comfort Zones.

Comfort Zones

One of the most basic human needs is the feeling of Certainty. When we are certain of our surroundings we can rest easy and enjoy our lives. Uncertainty brings risk and makes us feel anxious and very uncomfortable. Since we were little children we have developed our comfort zones and we all have different comfort zones when it comes to money. Some of us feel that we must work very hard to make money. Others feel that they will never have money, or they don’t deserve to have money.

If you look at the wealthiest people in the world, very few live within these comfort zones. Their money comfort zones see them having an abundance of money. They believe that there is an enormous amount of money, more than enough for everyone to enjoy. They know that there are trillions of dollars circulating the world everyday looking for a home. They know how to make money and that making it is ridiculously simple.

Our emotion of certainty dictates our comfort zones. If we are certain that money is hard to make, then it will be, and we will be certain in our comfort zone. We would probably not be rich, but in our minds, we would be right. Alternatively, if we are certain that money is easy to make, and we just have to know how, than it will be easy to make, and we will be certain in our comfort zone.

Obviously, if your comfort zone has you believing that money is difficult to make, or some other negative feeling, then you will have to break out your comfort zone and climb into another one. When you do this, you will feel very uncertain. This can be very scary and is the reason why, despite all of the opportunities available, 95% of people end up broke or financially dependent when they reach 65 years of age.

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