I told you to watch RCHA.

Do you remember me? = Yes I emailed you a few days ago and I told you to watch RCHA. = This little biotech company has been working on ground breaking drugs and I advised you that you should buy shares in it on Monday morning for around 20 cents. If you don’t remember, go back = and look at your emails. It has now pushed past 30 cents and it is showing very strong signs of continuation. Something tells me this stock will go past 2 or even 3 dollars in the coming days. If you see the type of activity it is experiencing right now = that’s definitely not normal. Something absolutely massive is brewing for = sure over there and there could be a phenomenal announcement coming in the next few days that will catapult the price much further. This is not really tip *wink*, just a friendly advice. Make sure to = buy as many RCHA = shares as you can. You will be pleasantly surprised.

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