Here’s What You MUST Know to Make Serious Money in Penny Stocks

Here’s What You MUST Know to Make Serious Money in Penny Stocks

First and foremost, you do not have to be a Wall Street insider or large investor to make extraordinary profits in the penny stock market.
Why Penny Stocks???

“Small companies offer individual investors… many advantages. Most institutional investors must avoid small caps, at least until they grow larger. That makes them under followed and increases the chances that they’re misvalued.”

-Motley Fool

You do not have to sit in front of your computer all day, trying to day trade these stocks.

And you don’t have to have a PhD in mathematics or thousands of dollars to start with.

But you do have to understand 2 vital rules to successful penny stock investing.

These ‘rules’ are practically Gospel in both Silicon Valley and Wall Street alike – and should be to anyone who wants to make really big money in stocks.

Rule #1: You HAVE to find companies that are incorrectly priced and therefore misvalued

This applies to any investing but especially to penny stocks. If you can find companies whose stock prices do not reflect the true value of the business, you can practically print money for yourself whenever you wish.

It’s that simple.

And remember, because of Regulation AC, the penny stock market is the best place to find these misvaluations.

Do you really think General Electric or IBM are priced incorrectly? They have literally dozens of highly-educated, and highly-paid analysts watching and analyzing their every move. That’s not who you want to compete against!

Believe me, it’s much easier finding smaller companies that are misvalued than large ones.

Rule #2: Use the same ‘portfolio’ approach that professionals use

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but not every penny stock will go up in value. In fact, many penny stocks will lose value over time.

So why invest in them at all?

Because when one of these stocks ‘hits’ – it hits big. Really big. We’ve seen individual penny stocks move up 100,000% or more.

See if you can do that with blue-chips like AT&T!

So the key here is to spread your money around on several of these penny stocks, knowing that some will lose money. But the big hit once in a while should more than make up for any losses… and then some.

Investing in this manner gives you a much better chance of finding the next spectacular winner… and not being wiped out when you get the occasional loser.

This is finally your chance to invest the same way as venture capitalists and other professionals.

And remember, you only need a couple hundred bucks to do this…not the thousands typically required for individual blue-chip stocks.

Thanks to Regulation AC and all the recent volatility in the market, the time has never been better to stake your claim in the penny stock market… and begin building your own personal fortune.

The Advantage YOU Have Over Wall Street That Could Make You Very Wealthy

First of all, you should know that while Regulation AC has been responsible for millions of dollars in profits, it doesn’t work for just any old penny stock.

You still have to discover small, high-quality companies that are cheap compared to the profits they’re generating…
“The key to deciding when to buy penny stocks is to ignore distractions and buy based on fundamental analysis of a company’s financial statements, products, and management.”

– Barron’s

But as long as you focus on value, your chances of finding a penny stock that’s misvalued and ready to soar are much higher…

In fact, if you get the fundamentals right, finding the next big winner can be as easy as shooting fish in a barrel!

And make no mistake about it, there are some really great companies out there just waiting to be discovered that will send your trading account through the roof…

But there’s one major problem.

Most penny stocks are garbage.

It’s true. Many penny stocks are nothing more than shell businesses and “grand ideas” with no substance behind them at all.

So the real challenge to penny stock investing is sifting through the ‘dirt’ to find the ‘diamonds’.

With that in mind, we set out to create a trading system that discovers tomorrow’s next big penny stock winners, today. A system that incorporates the same screening and portfolio tactics we’ve used for years to find tiny, blockbuster penny stocks.

A system that rides Regulation AC and price ‘misvaluations’ to almost unbelievable riches…

And with Penny Stock Breakouts, we think we’ve found that system.

You see, we’ve developed a strict set of criteria that identifies those penny stocks that are on the verge of a major upward move. The type of move that could turn a measly $300 into $1.3 million or more…

In Penny Stock Breakouts we’ll tell you what to buy, why, and when to sell.

We’ll show you exactly how to take advantage of the misvaluations created by Regulation AC and turn them into sizeable profits – over and over again.

And we’ll show you how to do all this without a big bankroll and without watching your computer screen all day.

By now you’re probably wondering how our system takes advantage of Regulation AC to find these surging penny stocks…

And the truth is, there’s a secret process behind all this.

Including how to make the most money…what to buy…and when exactly to sell.

Here’s the first thing you need to know…

Step #1: Identify Small Companies That Are Priced ‘Wrong’…And Set To Absolutely Take Off!

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