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The Chinese Tiger Will Become Golden for RXAC

The Chinese Tiger Will Become Golden for RXAC

Dear fellow investor,

Two weeks ago, one of our other picks brought some of our lucky investors gains of 1,384%. I believe that Resource Exchange of America Corporation, RXAC, has the same kind of mind-boggling growth potential. Maybe not as much as 1,384%, but RXAC is sure to make 600% over the next months as the investment community gets their eyes on this nugget of gold that lies hidden in scrap metal.

Now, why do I believe a mundane scrap metal recycler will be able to show three-figure growth? Let me explain:

First, scrap is a cyclical industry, and while it has suffered from a historical low in the past three years, rates are increasing again. And while rates have been low, the weaker have been weeded out. Now, it’s the best of the breed that are left. Companies such as RXAC.

Second, RXAC has much of its focus on the Chinese and Indian markets – markets where rates for scrap metal are significantly higher than in the U.S. Just a couple of days ago, RXAC announced a joint venture with Louisa Tsang from LT Trading Group, a company specializing in creating sales opportunities in China. LT Trading Group has in the past been instrumental in several multi-million dollar trades, and I believe this future long-term collaboration between LT Trading and RXAC will benefit the top- and bottom line immensely.

Third, the Chinese market for scrap metal and steel is sprinting like a true tiger. China is the world locomotive when it comes to steel, and RXAC is perfectly poised to draw the full benefit of this. The Chinese automotive industry is up 55% in August; in contrast, the U.S. sales were the worst in 27 years. The US-centric recycling and steel companies will suffer – and a company like RXAC that has much more focus on the sprinting Chinese market will outpace the competition – fast!

And fourth: Awareness Research has made an Initiating Coverage Report detailing how the shares in RXAC are destined to increase in value to $3.20. That’s right – they are going to be traded at almost six times the presently traded value!

Imagine this:

Invest $1,000 today, and see that grow to $6,000!

Invest $3,000 today, and see your port boost to $18,000!

Or invest $10,000 today, and see your fortune EXPLODE to $60,000!

The report from Awareness Research is just a week old, and already world news are not only corroborating the conclusion, but is actually showing that a fair market value of $3.20 per share in RXAC may in-fact be too conservative…

In conclusion, I don’t only think that RXAC is a hitherto hidden nugget of gold with great profit potential – no, I AM CERTAIN that RXAC will sprint up the charts like it has the Chinese Tiger on its tail.

Do your due diligence, and get ready to make a pile of U.S. greenbacks on selling scrap metal to China.

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