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Foreign Exchange trading


Forex trading strategies – day-trading, swing trading, long term

Forex trading strategies – day-trading, swing trading, long term. Forex trading strategies have been evolved over the years. Mostly currency trading happens with either USD or Euro as one of the currency in the pair. It is essential to follow well proven strategies to achieve great successes in foreign exchange trading. Efficient, simple and consistent strategies are to be understood before jumping into the currency trading business.

Learning Metatrader, The Number 1 forex Trading Software

MetaTrader is the world’s best trading software , and it is used by most large institutions , so you must learn MT4 or you will be trading using unproven software developed by your broker.
Most brokers offer their own software that may seem visually appealing to you but when it come down to trading using these broker platforms you could lose your money due to platform instability