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INSCOR, Inc. (IOGA) designates John Salley as President

INSCOR, Inc. (IOGA) designates John Salley as President of INSCOR’s newly-created sports division Last week, INSCOR Inc., proclaimed that Four-time NBA Champ, Actor, and Humanitarian, John Salley, has been dubbed President of INSCOR’s newly-created sports department and will market INSCOR’s Financed Insurance Trust (FIT) plans to professional athletes and high net worth people. With Mr. Salley at the helm, INSCOR can now proficiently market products to a large group of affluent individuals with a specially designed FIT plan to serve as a agent in the defense of a individual’s aptitude to uphold his/her high net worth. A FIT plan is a life insurance strategy that funds the cost of a perpetual life insurance policy through chief lending institutions. Policy cash values offer collateral and are later utilized, in part, to retire the loan including principal and interest. John Salley will utilize his multiple years in the public eye to introduce the entity’s products. During the 1980s, Mr. Salley was a member of the Detroit Piston “Bad Boys” squad, and went on to play together with Michael Jordan as part of the Chicago Bulls 1996 championship team. Mr. Salley is involved with PCRM and went to Washington in Nov. ’09 and May ’10, talking to Congress regarding the Child Nutrition Act, soliciting Members to help legislation that would grow vegetarian options in meals given in public schools. 8295 Tournamnt DR, Suite 150, Memphis, Tenn. 38125

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